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The global energy situation and its consequences from an economic point of view

This is the intervention that I made on January 11, 2024, to present the Energy Transition and Flexibility module of the Nuclear Energy Master (MNM).

MNM is an international Master's degree from Paris-Saclay University whose objective is to provide high-level foreign and French students with the main knowledge necessary for the nuclear industry to produce low-carbon electricity.

During this introductory session, the participants were able, each in turn, to comment on the orders of magnitude concerning the distribution of reserves, consumption, and production of energy in the world.

Afterward, we described the issues that concern the economist:

  1. Environmental and climate issues

  2. Challenges of growing needs and challenges of new uses

  3. Issues of security and price stability

  4. The challenges of innovation

  5. Sharing of energy rents

Unfortunately, we did not have time to work on the governance put in place to respond to these challenges:

  • at the global level for environmental and climate issues (United Nations organizations),

  • at the European level,

  • at the state level,

  • and the territorial level...

The issue is vast and complex and requires a systemic approach. This will be the subject of the interventions that will follow with my colleagues.

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